Brazoria County, Texas
This residential property is for sale by
Bruce & Debbie Warren
2307 White Tail Lane
Lake Jackson, Tx 77566

This property offers a very rare combination:
•Elevation •Waterfront •Trees •Fiberoptic
•Privacy •Minutes from Lake Jackson

•Privacy from neighbors is a growing trend after Covid. This property in Sugar Mill Subdivision delivers privacy and distance from the neighbors... you cannot see any other houses. You can build a family compound with two houses that see only each other. No other property this size with a Lake Jackson address is so close to important places... 12 minutes to Brazos Mall, St. Lukes hospital is 13 minutes, 11 minutes to Dow offices, 3 minutes to Brazos Pointe Church, 13 minutes to Starbucks, 11 minutes to Marriot and Staybridge motels, 12 minutes to Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot.

•Elevation of 24 feet is the highest of any Lake Jackson address... there was no Hurricane Harvey water even in the road ditches. See the flooding map below. You have to look in Angleton to find a higher elevation. This high elevation makes construction costs lower and your beautiful home won't look like it is sitting on a big anthill.

•Waterfront on historic McFadden Bayou is 522 feet, the longest in Sugar Mill. There are beautiful cypress trees on the banks. You can see where the excavations from the Stephen F. Austin era were dug into the banks to dock the flatboats that transported supplies, cotton, and sugar.

•Trees are listed as a feature on many properties. But, if you are seeking to buy land with champion Live Oak Trees, nothing in the state of Texas comes close to the three 900 year old Live Oak trees that are the tallest in the United States.

•Fiber-optic service to a five acre residential lot is a very rare find. You have high speed internet and thousands of TV channels. And also high speed LTE cellphone service with a tower less than a mile away. Perfect for home-schooling and remote offices.

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The Sugar Mill Weat Subdivision is located in Brazoria county on the Texas Gulf coast. It is 45 minutes to Houston, one hour to Galveston, a half hour from the beach, and 10 minutes to the Brazos River, the biggest river in Texas. We purchased this property in 1997 as an investment to support our retirements. We have decided to sell now because so many families are deciding to move out of dense subdivisions and packed cities to enjoy life in a rural setting. The tallest Live Oak trees on earth reign over the grassy fields and dense forests and trails and hidden camping spots. The property is 5.158 acres and is deeded as two lots, 2.003 acres and 3.155 acres.. The addresses are 2011 Sugar Mill Lane and 1915 Sugar Mill Lane, Lake Jackson, TX 77566.

Sugar Mill West, established in the 1970s. The POA enforces the deed restrictions of single family homes. This property allows you to build two homes if you are seeking land for a family compound. Historic McFadden Bayou has 522 feet of waterfront on the property. The land is not cleared along the county road so you can build a homestead with total privacy, or clear the land to show off your beautiful house. All the county roads are dead-end so the only traffic is for the subdivision homeowners... and some bicyclists and runners who seek the solitude and safety of our roads.

The upper gulf coast of Texas is a natural rainforest. We left this alone for 20 years and it grew yaupon, pecan, and oak trees everywhere with impassable underbrush and vines. Leave it alone for 800 years and you have the champion Live Oak grove that dominates Texas Rainforest Preserve. Tree ring analysis shows these three Live Oak trees to be over 900 years old.

No flooding! The highest Hurricane Harvey flood water was two feet below the elevation of this property. Even the county road on the northeast property line was not under water and no water was in the road ditches. The elevation of 24ft is the highest south of Angleton city limits. The house and sugar mill for Retrieve Plantation were built on this land in 1839. There are still brick sidewalks hidden in the grass near the big trees. The foundation for the sugar mill is nearby on the bank of McFadden Bayou. You can see where the boat docks were dug out on the shore of McFadden Bayou. There are also big cypress trees on the banks of McFadden bayou.

The Texas Rainforest Preserve is a birdwatchers paradise. You will see both wetland birds and forest birds. The Gulf Coast Bird Observatory in Lake Jackson, Texas is less than a mile away. Over 270 species have been sighted in the area, including woodpeckers, herons, ibis, ducks, hummingbirds, eagles, mockingbirds, owls, hawks, cranes, sparrows, cowbirds, grackles, blackbirds, cardinals, vultures, starlings, robins, larks, wrens, swallows, doves, sandpipers, egrets, bluejays, and crows.

Depending on the season you can pick tangerines, grapes, blackberries, and dewberries. Experience the splendor of a moonlit night thru a canopy of Live Oak branches almost 100 feet tall, dripping with spanish moss.

We live in Sugar Mill East, about 10 minutes away. We own a backhoe, tractor, Genie boom lift, three mowers, and other equipment that we use to maintain the land and to remove dangerous dead limbs from the giant trees. We built a treehouse deck as a getaway spot to enjoy wine and sunsets.

Survey Lines

Harvey flood water never got near.

The tallest Live Oak trees in the USA

Steep cuts in the banks of McFadden Bayou reveal where the boat docks were located.

Live Oak Trees as wide as two city lots.

A rainforest with all kinds of vines.

No paved roads... yet.

Treehouse Deck with cool breezes.

Three champion Live Oak trees were in the front yard of the Retrieve Plantaion house.

Like a city park to enjoy while your dream home is being built.

A 42 foot tall swing is totally fun!

Green grass fields and dense jungle.

A family swing hangs from an 87 foot tall Live Oak tree.

Classic plank road.

Is that a mini-van?... Nope, that is a monster tree.

This rope swing hangs from the trees lowest branch... 42 feet up.

Secluded camping.

The Magnificent Trio.

We have owned this property for 24 years and enjoyed many memorable days and nights under its spell. Activities included family reunions, Boy Scout campouts, weddings, parties, cookouts, picnics, and many nights alone testing new designs for camping gear. The family has spent over a thousand manhours clearing, trimming, mowing and exploring. There is no other private property like it anywhere in coastal Texas... and, after Harvey, we now know it has never flooded... allowing the 900 year old Live Oaks to grow and thrive.

All Photographs and Text - Copyright 2020
Bruce and Debbie Warren
2307 Whitetail Lane
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566

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